Curriculum & Teaching

Preschool 2’s classes focus primarily on basic skills such as colors, shapes, counting, building vocabulary, social skills, & following directions.

PreK is by definition a preparatory class for Kindergarten. Teachers in 3’s & 4’s classrooms use school readiness guidelines as a basis to plan engaging activities to further build skills, increase academic knowledge, & instill a love of learning in each child.

Weekly Lesson Plans detailing daily curriculum activities are posted at each classroom’s “Communication Station”. Bible stories & curriculum themes are incorporated together to build a foundation for early education that is distinctly Christian in focus.

All classrooms at PELC utilize child-centered, developmentally appropriate LEARNING CENTERS to explore new concepts through creative & multi-sensory experiences. Highlighting a few …

In ART Center, children learn about colors & shapes, exercising fine-motor (small muscle – hand/finger) skills, while exploring a variety of art mediums. BLOCK Center builds balance, stability, & geometry skills as children figure out how blocks fit together & classify them by shape, size, & color.

READING Centers are essential in every classroom! Children discover that words have meaning, & the pictures help them learn that there’s a sequence to events in their favorite stories.

In preschool, we call Science “DISCOVERY”, because it’s all about discovering God’s wonderful creation, exploring with all 5 senses & learning how things work.

DRAMATIC PLAY (some call it “Kitchen” or “Home-Living”) builds social & life skills. Pretending to be someone else during play helps children learn how to get along with one another, stretch their vocabulary, & develop negotiating skills. All are skills that help children eventually become successful adults!

Children discover how to sort, classify, & group all kinds of things in MATH Centers while learning to count objects & recognize numerals. MUSIC & MOVEMENT also helps build math skills when children learn to keep a beat & follow a pattern.

RECESS is extremely important for preschool. Gross motor (big muscle) exercise & growing coordination skills are essential building blocks for a healthy child.